Industry and local government leaders are preparing for COVID-19 impact, bracing for the potential spread in our community. is providing resource connections to access N95 and PPE masks for health care providers.

Protective gear may be hard to buy or expensive at this time. To participate in collective ordering and resourcing, please fill out the form below.

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Hospitals and Emergency Response

This is an evolving crisis, and existing supply chains should be used when possible. Many existing supply chains have red tape or bureaucratic processes that can be easily sidestepped to expedite materials.

It is important to remember that American industry will take on this problem and resolve supply chain bottlenecks quickly, however during an outbreak days and weeks can become life and death delays for many of our citizens.

How to source materials

Many of these products are available direct from factories or through resellers that are one degree of separation with existing relationships. Though typical retailers work with respected, certified sources we can order directly from factories and one-off middlemen that are willing to provide deeply discounted material as well as rapid delivery.

When sourcing, a few terms are important. The purpose of a vendor relationship is that they deal with you on your level of expertise and comfort. They deliver, answer questions, and support you during your ordering process. Manufacturers and many direct dealers do not serve buyers at that level, and even things like guaranteed deliver can not be assumed.

Shipping and seller terms to know

There are dozens of shipping terms, but these are the most common you will find. It’s important to make clear arrangements and understand your risks. Often, complex regulations and excise taxes are laid on goods sold overseas. It’s simplest and fastest to order from a broker than already has goods warehoused in your country, though there is a cost associated with that convenience.

There are tax consequences to direct import. During times like this, those are probably not costs you need to address immediately. Keep in mind, many medical imports have excise tax and some most have sales tax due at some point. Expect at least a 10% duty or sales tax to be due at some point.

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