Turning Ideas Into Companies

Turning Ideas Into Companies

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What is TVC

TVC is a partnership between Cullman Economic Development Agency, The City of Cullman, Wallace State Community College, and the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce.

TVC supports new local businesses during their startup phase.

Board of Directors

TVC Leadership

Jamie Troutman, Chairman
Gov. Affairs & Community Dev.
Cullman Economic Development Agency

Kyle Willoughby, Vice Chairman
Vice President
Willoughby Roofing

Wesley Moore, Secretary
City Clerk/Revenue Officer
City of Cullman

Brian Dove
Cullman-Jefferson Counties Gas District

Jeremy Wooten
President and CFO
HomTex, Inc

Dr. Vicki Karolewics
Wallace State Community College

Todd Self
VP Business Development

Zac Smith
Agcor Steel

Vision 2020

What we've learned

Entrepreneurs come with a myriad of skill levels and varying degrees of competence and readiness. TVC’s role is to inform, educate, and connect entrepreneurs with a community, resources, and training. TVC’s 2019 success includes two businesses now live and operational in 2020. A winning TVC entrepreneur is one that comes knowing their field of expertise, but needs help with one of the expert support systems we provide.

The Tech Village Early Stage Development Plan

Every new business requires fundamentals to begin. Banking relationships, business entity setup, planning, strategy, and a core discipline to identify successes and failures to adjust and keep that business on track for success.

Concept Development

Writing a business model, business plan, or pitch deck is a good first step. These disciplines may feel like homework assignments, which they are. However, as you work through these formal processes it forces you to consider details about your business and helps logically flesh out details that are necessary for financing or launching a new business.

TVC offers events, programs, and helps you develop

  • Startup pitch
    • Pitch deck
    • Pitch outline
    • Practice and pitch development
  • Capital raise structure
    • Training on venture deal structures
    • Plan to pitch investors
    • SBA and traditional loan options
  • Business entity setup
    • Insurance
    • Entity options
    • Management structure
    • Business operational rules
  • Business Literacy
    • The business banking relationship
    • Fundamental accounting and documents
    • Deal language, terms of art
  • Ecosystem (Your Network)
    • Network of like-minded entrepreneurs
    • Connections with business advisors
    • Access to mentors